What is Your Key To Happiness?

One of the keys to happiness is laughter. Laughing is a marvellous healing and relieving agent for all the discomforts and sorrows of life. It gives us the strength to face challenges and lives happily. If we are not enjoying our life, no matter how good it is there is always something to laugh about.

Laughter brings cheerfulness and joy to our faces and lifts our spirits. As a result, we smile more and have more enjoyment throughout our day. The joy of laughter helps to reduce the stress level and keeps us focused on the things that are most important in life. This is why laughter is the best medicine for health.

When we are joyous and full of contentment, we tend to be happier and more at peace. Contentment is the state of mind we achieve when we are surrounded by positive people and things. Our attitude and disposition towards such things as friends, work, and other social events determine how contented we are. A smile and a “how are you?” from somebody we love, can have a profound effect on our mood.

Many psychologists and counsellors encourage us to find time to laugh and enjoy the good things in our lives. The first step in achieving contentment is laughing. Regular laughter is an effective treatment for stress, depression and anxiety. Laughing tears us up and gives us the strength to face difficult situations that may confront us. Laughter also releases chemicals in the brain that make us feel good.

Laughter can be how we find meaning and joy in our lives. Life is filled with challenges and sadness. We need to discover new ways to deal with these situations. Sometimes we even need to laugh to feel better and overcome the blues. When we laugh, our body releases happy hormones that help us handle life’s ups and downs better.

It is interesting to note that the two most common responses to finding joy and meaning in life are found through laughter and sadness. When we are sad, we tend to overreact to sadness. We feel sad, depressed, hopeless and worthless. Laughter, however, tends to counter this negative response by providing us with a more positive feeling.
When we are happy, we laugh at ourselves. We may not feel like it but laughter helps us feel better about what is happening. Laughter releases dopamine, a happy hormone, into our bodies. Dopamine is the chemical in our brain that makes us feel happy.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering, “How do I be happy?” think about laughter. It might just surprise you. So, discover the joy in you and share it with the world around you.

Laughter is a great healer. When we are happy and our spirits high, we tend to find that the world is a better place to be. We smile at people, we laugh at ourselves and generally have a good time. This is a great way to reduce stress and tension in our lives.

Another way to find happiness is to have some kind of social interaction. If you can’t have a good laugh, try spending some time with friends or family. It will bring you back to a happier time and help you move on from being upset about things in your life. You might even find that these social interactions make you even happier than if you were just sitting alone in front of the television or reading a book.

When we are happy, we also tend to have greater amounts of confidence. It is important to remember that the reason for having confidence is that we think we are good people. When we feel good about the way we look and the way we behave, it makes us believe that we deserve the best life has to offer. When we are confident, we can pursue the things in life that we want to do.

Finding your key to happiness is not all that difficult. It is quite easy. Just make sure that you spend time doing things that make you happy. Don’t be quick to judge those around you. And most important of all, have fun!

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